Need tree trimming services in Boise?

Caldwell Tree Trimming

Caldwell Tree Trimming

At Boise Green Tree Service, we take a lot of pride in supplying competitive pricing and taking care of all of your residential or commercial tree service needs. Our highly-trained and skilled arborist team works to make certain that you as well as your tree will get the level of service that you deserve.

When your trees start to get overgrown or a little too tall, call up the experts Boise Green Tree Service for professional tree trimming. With many years of experience in the industry, our staff are skilled tree care specialists guaranteed to get your trees trimmed right. Poorly trimmed trees may not get enough sunlight, suffer disease, or die altogether, and by using our tree care services, you reduce the risks of harming your tree or property.


Why choose us?

While anyone can pick up a pair of trimmers and cut branches, we are professional tree care experts. Our staff not only have to demonstrate competency in tree pruning and trimming, but other areas of tree care such as fertilization and soil management, knowledge of tree biology, and tree protection and risk management as well.

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Trimming trees has advantages

Carefully trimming trees can provide a number of benefits for your property while also looking great.
Depending on the type of tree you have and the desired effect, these may include:


  • Increasing structural stability – Trees can become top heavy or heavy on a single side. These make them more prone to losing branches or falling after natural events like windstorms or tree diseases. Removing these branches restores a tree’s stability.


  • Reducing disease – If your tree has dead or rotting branches then disease may set in. By having us identify and removing these harmful areas early, you can limit the damage to your tree and give it the chance to become healthy once again.


  • Controlling growth – By carefully trimming specific branches we can control the intake of energy-producing light your tree receives. This can be beneficial for a tree when it needs to enter a dormant state. It can also help thin a tree and avoid wind damage.


  • Getting a better view – We don’t just trim for the benefit of the tree. If your tree is blocking your view or stopping sunlight from entering your home, we can fix it. We know how to safely manage your trees to promote their health and meet your needs.


Solutions We Offer

  • Tree Trimming Caldwell

    Tree Trimming Caldwell

    Tree cutting and removal

  • Pruning, tree reduction, lifting and branch thinning
  • Removing dead wood and crown cleaning
  • Emergency tree services for fallen trees and storm damage
  • Propping and strengthening of trees
  • Stump removal and grinding
  • Tree planting
  • Inspection of trees
  • Keep your hedges in order with trimming, thinning and removal if needed
  • Clearing vegetation, and mulching
  • For trees that can not be climbed safely, we have the necessary machinery to perform the work

It is essential when considering trimming a tree, of any age, that a thorough evaluation is done to determine the objectives to be achieved. Professional decisions can then be made as to where, how, when and how often to trim a specific tree or trees, to achieve specific objectives. This evaluation process is an essential part of our Planning and Estimate Process.


Our Methods of Pruning & Tree Trimming Service

We’ll advise you of the best pruning method and an honest assessment of the results you can expect with our tree trimmers. Some methods of tree pruning and tree trimming we include:



Some trees have branches that are simply too low to the ground. Removing bottom branches provides clearance for walkways, lawn mowing, and provides more light for grass and shrubs.



While shade can be terrific on a hot summer day, sometimes a tree can block too much light. Perhaps you have a pool and want more sunlight on it. Our tree trimmers will properly trim your tree to give you the light you want while still keeping it healthy. Thinning also allows wind to blow through the tree instead of snapping branches or toppling the tree.



Tree Trimming in Caldwell

Tree Trimming in Caldwell

If a tree has grown too large for its permitted space, crown reduction pruning, may be a viable alternative to removal. When done properly, it lowers the overall height. This approach is best for ornamental trees such as plum, dogwoods, cherry and pear trees which may have been planted too close to a house.



Tree topping, like crown reduction dramatically reduces the height of the tree but can cause quite a bit of stress to the tree (This should be a method of last resort). In some cases we may recommend removing the tree and replacing it with a younger tree.

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