Boise Green Tree Service are a team of friendly and professional tree surgeons working within Boise and the surrounding areas.

Horseshoe Bend Tree Removal

Horseshoe Bend Tree Removal

With a wealth of knowledge, experience and specialist equipment, we provide a high standard of tree management services to domestic, public service and commercial customers.

Our team is able to deliver not only tree removal but a variety of tree maintenance specialist services like Tree Removal & Tree Felling, Tree Trimming & Thinning, Reshaping, Stump Removal And Stump Grinding which will help you with taking care of and enhancing the look of your garden.

Our technicians do everything from tree dismantling, hedge trimming, stump removal and tree felling to providing you with tips on the most useful procedures for looking after the general appearance & health of your garden trees.

Tree Removal Horseshoe Bend, Available For All Types of Tree Removal & Maintenance Services… Free Estimates; CALL US ON: 208-231-8886


Boise Green Tree Service Include:

  • Cutting down trees of all types: palm, gum-tree, jacaranda, elm, plants
  • Urban site clearing/ stump removals
  • Tree Removal Horseshoe Bend

    Tree Removal Horseshoe Bend

    Storm damage/ insurance claims

  • Tree cabling and bracing and rigging
  • Tree planting parks, gardens, streets
  • Urban tree removals, private or public spaces
  • Cutting and pruning services
  • Lightning protection systems
  • Wood chipping/ mulching/ firewood supplies
  • Garden clean ups
  • Crane truck and chipper hire
  • Consultancy/ tree audits/ consultations & appraisals
  • Disease diagnosis/ treatment
  • Palm tree removal/ replacement – alien or invasive species removal


Tree Removal

We preserve trees as much as possible. However, there are occasions when tree removal is necessary. Such an occasion may arise when a tree dies or improper placement causes the tree to become a hazard that threatens the safety of your family or property. Don’t forget that tree roots, in and of themselves, can be very invasive, possibly causing damage to the walls, plumbing, and even the foundation of your home.

Boise Green Tree Service has the knowledge and experience necessary to determine whether your tree can be saved. Safety is our number one priority. In the event of a removal, we have skilled climbers and the necessary equipment to ensure the safe and complete removal of the tree without property damage.


Tree Trimming and Thinning

The most important aspect of Tree Trimming is ensuring that the amount that the tree is reduced by, is relevant to the size and species of tree. Our team works very hard to ensure that when we reduce the tree – it is always to appropriate growth points. It is our aim to keep the tree in as much of a ‘Natural’ form as possible, and a bad job can jeopardize this permanently.

With Tree Thinning – it is usually because the tree is very dense and there is not enough light penetrating through into the rest of a garden space. This means that other bedding plants and ground cover (lawns) are not growing evenly. A tree thinning basically aims to remove internal branches, crossing branches, co-dominant stems, and dead branches. Tree Thinning is a good, common place tree maintenance practice that will add light, keep you safe and enhance the longevity of your trees fpr years to come.


Stump Grinding

Tree Removal in Horseshoe Bend

Tree Removal in Horseshoe Bend

Once a tree has been removed, the stump and root ball of the tree will still remain embedded in the ground. We have specialist equipment designed specifically to grind away the stump and break up the ‘root ball’ ensuring the stump will not grow back.
Stump grinding is not always necessary but is often carried out to satisfy the requirements of different sectors. Stump grinding can alleviate trip hazards in public places, allow for re-planting in the same location or simply remove the tree entirely leaving you with a more useable space.

We have a smaller machine for tackling smaller stumps and a larger machine for the larger stumps. If no access is available – we really know how to think ‘out of the box’ and will find a solution to tackle any job bog or small.

We are specialist at what we do and have you covered when it comes to anything tree related, we have years of experience and very good at what we do. We offer low prices but do not skimp on quality or safety.. We cater to the entire Boise and surrounding areas.. Give us a call for a estimate.

Tree Removal in Horseshoe Bend, Your One Stop Service For Tree Removal and Related Services.. Call Us For A Free Estimate on 208-231-8886


Boise Green Tree Service
999 W Main St #100
Boise, ID 83702

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